How do you watch sbs videos on YouTube?

So when I try to play sbs 2d videos on YouTube. The lumepad 2 plays them and concerts each side to it’s own 3D so there are 2 separate videos playing. Instead of combining them together. Is there a way to watch them using both the video frames combined as the 3D was intended vs lumepad trying to turn each side into it’s own 3D video?

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Yup, just tap the button in the top right and switch to SBS mode of the auto-detection doesn’t detect it’s SBS automatically.


I’ll try that when I get home… Thank you.

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I uploaded this back when Google supported SBS for Google Cardboard. Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective - In VR! (SBS 3D Conversion) - YouTube
The 3D doesn’t seem to work anymore on any device no matter what I try. Until I saw this thread today, I just chalked that up to Google being terrible and first strangling and then discontinuing good products like they did Google Reader. But maybe it’s just that I’m doing it wrong somehow?

Interesting. It looks like Google brought back YouTube3D, but only for Anaglyph. Not sure when that happened, but it must have been somewhat recently cause I would have remembered seeing that button. This was one of my old videos I filmed with a custom rig I built (two cameras).

But to answer your question, it doesn’t seem that the original SBS video is available. Surely it’s on the backend somewhere, but the 3D button only allows 2D and anaglyph.

That’s real disappointing. I had worked really hard to figure out how to convert an anaglyph video to SBS and then Google goes and auto-converts it back to anaglyph!?

Google, you have good products, if you can just leave them alone. Just put ads on them (I understand you’re a business and need to make money) but then hands off.

So I tried this and it’s awesome to see there is a menu with options.

There’s a VR fight cardboard video on Leiatube. Very first video listed since I got the pad2. It’s sbs. Of a guy driving from Insudeva race car, But none of those Settings nave it show up correctly.

One of my 3d sbs videos I added years ago did play in 3d automatically though. So that was nice.

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