Video depth slider doesn't do anything with SBS videos and arrows request

The depth slider while playing SBS videos does not effect the depth, will that be possible?
Maybe to help with ghosting in some extreme videos, but I understand if this is more of a depth based 3D feature. Also a request, can you please consider adding “jump forward” and “jump back” arrow buttons in the SBS player? 3D movies in SBS look incredible! The depth is much better than theaters or my 3DTV, great job!

I can’t seem to edit or delete my post but going back to the player there isnt a slider… thought I had one that didnt do anything, maybe it was in Tube… must be tired. Would that be possible? So we could control depth in SBS?

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For SBS media, we assume the creator set their depth and convergence right the first time, so we don’t alter it. We only add the slider for 2D → 3D conversion because the AI might have got it wrong and so we give you the ability to dial it in for your needs. Adding the depth slider to SBS would also mean we’d have to use AI depth estimation and novel view synthesis, which would definitely reduce the quality.

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ok, good points! I’m really enjoying it, the colors, depth, smooth playback, it’s so good. The resolution destroys my other lightfield displays.


Is there a way to flip the 3D SBS views? I have a few that play inverted for some reason, would be cool to have a toggle if possible. thanks!

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@Drew_Medina That seems like a bug and shouldn’t occur, could you send us some of those files for us to look into? We have seen that bug on some users files and we’ve been working to fix it.

If your images are actually cross-eye, you can use 3DSteroid on Google Play to switch between cross-eye and SBS.