How to buy in Canada?

I know the Lume Pad 2 is only sold in USA. I know it is supposed to be ZTE for Canada but the fact is when you select Canada on the ZTE website, you can’t find the Nubia Pad 3D and this is since Day 1. What the heck?

Leia have announced well in advance that the Lume Pad 2 will be on sale for the Black Friday. ZTE nothing at all!

Today I’ve ping both ZTE and Leia in this tweet (x) and I have yet to hear from any. This is a really frustrating experience and I feel I could miss the opportunity to get this tablet at a price I can afford.

What are my options? Do they want to sell that tablet or not? Will I have to find a friend in US to get me one at the price announced for the Black Friday? Does Leia, the creator of this tablet, have any kind of words to say to ZTE about this issue? With less than 48 hours left before the sale I begin to feel my anxiety raise.

Bonjour, je demeure au Québec, Canada
J’ai acheté le Lumepad 2 en juin 2023 via
Tout a très bien fonctionné! Je l’ai reçu en parfaite condition.
Très satisfaite de cette fantastique tablette 3d.

Je suis aussi à Québec! Dans quel coin êtes-vous? Si j’avais la chance de voir cette tablette avant d’acheter.

Est-ce qu’il y a eu des frais supplémentaires comme la douane? Reste à savoir si il y aura le prix du Black Friday.

Pour ma part,
Je n’ai pas eu a payer de frais de douanes.
C’est un risque que j’ai pris!!
Super heureuse de l’avoir fait!

Je n’ai pas eu a payer de frais de customs !!

Still no answer and time is flying! Sale start in a few hours. Looking at some posts here I found an email where to send a message but the reply I got prove me the person have not read my post here. I’ve also ping @Nima on Twitter and sent a PM to Leia on twitter which I can see they have read but no reply.

Hey Daniel!

ZTE has the license to sell the Nubia Pad 3D in every country in the world except the United States.

Leia sells the Lume Pad 2 in the United States.

We only officially support sales of the device in the United States. You may find a retailer that is willing to ship the Lume Pad 2 to other countries, but that is not supported by Leia and may lead to issues with support and warranty replacements.

Because of that we’re unable to help with sales of Lume Pad 2 outside the United States. You must contact ZTE about sales of Nubia Pad 3D in Canada. That is entirely under their purview.

I apologize for the late reply, for us in the United States today is a national holiday, Thanksgiving.

Like I wrote they don’t list it when we select Canada and it is one minute to midnight so it looks like I won’t be able to to get your tablet. And you discourage me to buy from US because nobody will support me after?

So in the end, it’s currently impossible to get one the right way in Canada (please call ZTE and tell them the issue) and not recommended to get one from other source. It’s frustrating. I don’t know what’s the deal you’ve made with ZTE but it’s clearly not the best to sell this tablet.

I wonder who else in Canada other than Carole got this tablet?