I ordered LeiaPix prints in August. It is now October and they have not shown up. Who do I contact to find out what the problem might be?

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Hey @Zeplen, please reach out to help@leiainc.com whenever you have any issues with our products including orders.

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The question is how to SUCCESSFULLY order prints. On your Lume Pad, secect the Leia Pix app. Follow the directions listed there, you can order and pay for the prints. My problem is that I ordered some prints in early August 2022 and have neither received the prints (as of mid October 2022), nor have I received acknowledgement of the order - other than the fact that the money has left my account. I hope this helps.

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Hey @Zeplen, we’re very sorry about this mishap and are in touch with our partner for Prints to resolve the issue with your order.

Hi Nima I want to also just note this seems to be my issue too, I’ll reach out to that email, I believe that was the email I contacted last week but I’ll try again. I’m unsure the status of my current order and a photo I had sent to my grandma back in July I believe never made it there, I found that out today. Will reach out just doesn’t seem to be an isolated issue unfortunately

@nickmooney10 I’m very sorry to hear this. I had reached out to our partner and they’d assured us two weeks ago that they orders would be on their way. I will reach out again.

Thanks Nima, yeah I’m not needing these yesterday or anything but definitely wanted to keep you posted, I’ll hang tight

Still waiting for my August print order. When can I expect delivery?


I heard back from the partner today and they assured us that the orders will be shipped out tomorrow.