LeiaPix Prints is being discontinued

Hey LeiaPix Community,

We have decided to sunset LeiaPix Prints after two years of your support and enthusiasm.

The next version of LeiaPix, Version 2.6, is coming soon and will have the button for Prints removed.

Versions of LeiaPix between Version 2.2 and 2.5 will still be able to order Prints through the rest of the year. After December 31st, 2022, no new Prints orders will be accepted.

If you want to get some final LeiaPix Prints, you’ll have until then to snag them.

Thanks again for being so enthusiastic about LeiaPix Prints. Seeing them come to life was a dream come true for me.



Hi Nima,

I’m sad to hear this news. When they come out just right these photos are amazing. I hope you can revisit printing in the future, maybe with a more consistent partner.

I still would like to get my aspect ratio issue resolved before printing sunsets.


I agree with Stuart, thinking that the idea of printing should not be abandoned but explored with better partners; I hope this is a “pause” more than a discontinuation.
When I was speaking with a photographer non-enthusiast of 3D pictures (actually very cold about that technology), he told me that after all the nice thing about photos is sharing, and my decision of shooting everything in 3D, where most of the value of pictures come from 3D itself, was isolating me. I have personally played home with lenticular printing, but with a wide range of results :joy:; most of the pictures came out near to garbage but in a single case I’ve got a really good result (well, in that case I had not used the normal stereo picture, but extracted several frames from a 4k video, and manually aligned them in stereophotomaker :slightly_smiling_face: . The hardest part however is still aligning and laminating correctly the lenticular part…).


Apparently, Leia’s printing partner has not improved and probably won’t since their partnership is ending next month. I purchased three prints on November 11th and here it is the 22nd and no word on shipping. So two days ago I sent an email to Leia Support and am waiting for a response (I suspect someone is away for the holidays). So beware about making final print purchases.

Sorry for the frustrating situation Stuart. I reached out to them to ensure that they didn’t stretch your images this time. They expressed they may want to all the orders together in a final batch. I’m going to see if they can get the current orders out within the next week so people can ship them for Christmas and then have them do another batch at the end of the year.

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Thanks, Nima! I do hope that printing comes back at some point in the future.

Very sad news