LeiaPix 2.2 now available! Presenting: LeiaPix Prints

Happy Holidays Lightfield Creators!

Today is a day I’ve been waiting for at this point for literally years: the release of LeiaPix Prints alongside LeiaPix 2.2.

Prints lets you order high-quality many-view lenticular Prints of the Lightfield images you’ve posted to LeiaPix. They’re available in two sizes: Regular sized Prints are a great present for friends and family, and Large Prints are a fantastic framed piece to put on your wall.

Those of you who order quickly may even get your Prints delivered before Christmas!

LeiaPix 2.2 also lets you export Lightfield Animations in MP4 and GIF format from posts directly from within the LeiaPix app.

We can’t wait to see what you think!

From myself and everyone on the LeiaPix Team, we hope hope Leia has helped light up your holidays!

Get LeiaPix 2.2 now exclusively from the LeiaLoft Store on RED Hydrogen One and Lume Pad!



I’ve been waiting for this! I just ordered a print to see what the results look like. Do you have any tips on what particular types of shots look good printed?

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@Nima please adjust it so people outside US can also order pictures




How do I learn more about Prints? I’m in Canada and can’t order right now so until I can I would like to learn as much as possible. Look at examples.

Can I assume that Prints is LeiaGlo?

@Stuart_Fujitani The rule of thumb is that if it looks great in 4V, it’ll look great as a Print.

If there’s too much or too little depth, if there’s vertical disparity in the original stereo image for SBS images, or if there are image artifacts, it may not come out great. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel an order and refund the customer if we think the Print will come out bad, or of course if it goes against the LeiaPix community standards.

@spencereric I’m sure you’ll see people posting about their Prints when they start to receive them. We’re hoping to roll out Prints to other countries in 2021.

Prints use the highest-quality lenticular printing in the world, they don’t use LeiaGlo static hologram technology. LeiaGlo is currently only (publicly) found in Lume Stand.


And when can outside US customers order?

I was so excited to see this, as well as the video and gif output option! Quick questions: What are the dimensions of the two sizes of prints, and what are the aspect ratios?

Regular is a max size of 8” x 4.5”, and Large is a max size of 16” x 9”.

The aspect ratio will be the aspect ratio of your image, however, the further your image is from a 16:9 aspect ratio the smaller the final image you receive will be as it is cropped from the original size of the Regular and Large Prints.


Woah! This is the first I have heard about with the LeiaGlo. Is LeiaGlo able to change the image or is it one image per “LeiaGlo”?

There are a couple of demonstrations on YouTube, including this one, as featured on the Lume Stand:

I had the same question weeks ago and the answer is: no, you can’t change it.

When does it get available for outside US ?

Why integrate into LeiaPix instead LeiaPlayer??
Anyone doesn’t want to upload all their personal photos to the public, and is precisely the most personal images the ones more prone to be printed to have it at home. Mostly family portraits.


Well, I’m not the Product Manager of LeiaPlayer for one, and this was originally a concept I pitched for LeiaPix.

Thank you for the feedback, I’ll pass it along to @john.friday.

I just received my LeiaPix print. Quite impressive! I hope this takes off and achieves some economy of scale. One will need to be very selective at the current cost.



Can you think of any way of showing it if you are comfortable with that (privacy)? When I searched for lenticular prints the results were those cheesy movie disk covers. I would like to learn how Leia is doing it.

I’m a member of H4V / Lightfield Users Facebook group if that helps.

This service is not available for me in Canada so there’s nothing I can do about it right now anyway.

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There’s no way to accurately show the print. It’s like trying to show 4V in a 2D video. But I can say it blows the doors off the lenticular print from Walgreens. But you do have to be selective in what shots you have printed. I can see if there’s any artifacts or too much depth, the print may not come out as desired.


As always, you bring the exciting news @Nima!

Just tried to order 9 prints but keep running into an error where I’m told that the State/Zip are invalid. I tried several iterations of the spelling for Massachusetts (including “MA”) and even tried my office address and a friend’s address when my own didn’t work. Any ideas?


@Stuart_Fujitani Thank you so much for the kind words! I worked hard seeking out the perfect partner because I knew that the Leia community would only be satisfied with older lenticular technology IF and only IF it was absolutely superb. There can definitely be pitfalls depending on the images you choose, but if you’ve got great images you’ll get great Prints, and that’s what we were going for.

@arturojreal I’m having the team take a look, no idea why you’re having this issue. We’ll try to get it resolved for you ASAP.