Refund for bad LeiaPix print?

I recently ordered a lenticular print. It took a very long time for USPS to deliver it to me. When it finally arrived, I could not have been more disappointed. It was a portrait format image, but it had been printed in landscape format, with the image stretched wide. If any human had actually looked at the print, they would have recognized the error.

How does a mistake like this slip by? Are print orders filled by machine, with no QC check? Can I get my money back?

Hey Rick,

I’m very sorry to hear that. LeiaPix Prints are hand-aligned by our partner. I’ll personally work with them to ensure something like this does not happen again.

Please reach out to so you can get your refund. We’ll give you shipping information so we can get the defective image back to identify the issue with it.


Okay. Thank you.

Hey @rico3D,

It does seem like there were a couple of issues here.

Firstly, I just wanted to let you know it seems like the original image doesn’t exist in our backend anymore. I tried to search for the post ID and I got a null value. I also checked your account and didn’t see it listed there. At Leia we take data privacy super seriously, so if you deleted the post from LeiaPix, there’s no way for me to recover it, it really does delete it from our database (unlike some other tech companies you may have heard of). If you’d still like me to review it, please send me the original image another way.

Second, the image came out of our backend system wide before we gave it to our partner. So there’s no way for me to know if the original image was already wide, or the app saved it wide incorrectly when you originally uploaded it, or the conversion for printing failed and rendered it wide.

Either way, this was not our partners fault. However, our partner has now been instructed to let us know if they see anything that looks out of the ordinary, so we can double-check with users before sending them something incorrectly.

Thanks @rico3D and I hope it didn’t cause too much of an issue for you. After we refund you for this one you can try again if you’d like, I’m sure we’ll get it right this time.