Lenticular Printing

Im in CA, usa, what is the turn around time and where are they printed from, looks like the prints are 16-9 landscape not portrait is this correct? Iam a holographer (real 3D) and a retired photography teacher, how tight is the lenticular lines? also I tried to get hold of the corporate office its seen like its no body is really home or its a small front office, I have some idea to promote this in Holography realm, and deep questions on the lenticular printing

Hi @DannyBee,

Usually you should receive the prints in two weeks or less from time of order.

Maximum size LeiaPix Prints are 16:9 ratio, but if you send a portrait ratio image to the service, it’ll simply be a crop of the landscape lenticular film being used. So it will work, but it won’t be the highest possible quality.

We work with a partner who hand-aligns all the ordered Prints, so these aren’t an automatic printing process, each Print is artisanally made.

I spent over a year looking for the best partner to do LeiaPix Prints with, and while we’re not sharing any specific specs, I will say these use some of the finest pitch lenticular films ever made.

The best way to contact Leia is through the Forum or through email at help@leiainc.com.