Leia appstore's "Free App" Promotion Has Been Extended!

Yep, we heard you loud and clear so effective today (via app version 2.1.525), all apps and games will remain FREE for the rest of this year! Happy downloading!


I log in with google and put in my credit card info and it will not accept my zip code. I cant get anything

Hey Karl, is your billing address in the US? If so, can you confirm you selected the United States as your country?

If you still encounter some issues, please email help@leiainc.com and provide your full address (including zip code) and we can look into it further for you.

ahh, thank you, it auto filled with US, I did United States and it wored, thanks

please for clarification, what will happen at the beginning of the new year?
a) app we downloaded stays functional and updates are free or
b) we have to pay to continue to use them

Thank you

Hi @barepixels,

Apps that have been downloaded during the free promotion period are owned by the account that downloaded them.

Users will not have to pay to use or update the apps after the free promotion had ended.