No more free games

Why did they take off all of the free game options. I have the shooter game I’m trying to download and it stops right at the end and says I have no internet connection when I clearly do because everything else works on the tablet and it is updated to the latest firmware.

Hey @funkymonsGaming, our Customer Service Team wants to get to the bottom of your bug.

Can we request that you send a help form through the Appstore’s help feature in Settings? That’ll give us a bunch of information to work with. Please attempt to do the download, wait for it to fail, and then send the help form.

Please also tell us the specific game you’re trying to download, which location (country) you’re in, and DM me the email address you’re using to sign in.

How come the games are not free anymore?

I also uninstall that game I messaged you previously about and try to reinstall it. It showed it was downloading then just stopped and every time I try to download it, it will not.

I’m not sure if it’s because you guys are having a new tablet coming out but I can’t make anything 3D. I’m trying to watch movies like I used to and have it switched to 3D and shows and also YouTube videos which used to have no problem at all but now for some reason they won’t do it at all. I cleared everything from my tablet I turned it off turned it back on check for updates everything is fine so I’m not sure what it could be.

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up i did a factory reset hoping that it fixed everything and it just made everything worse now when i try to log in with my google account let it always do it says f502 error.

Since I purchased this less than a year ago am I able to get some kind of warranty exchange?

Hey @funkymonsGaming please reach out to

Just forget about it i’m not even in a deal anymore, I’m not going to stress myself out of that.

I just read a blog post from leia that says “over 100 free 3d games, now on Lume Pad” (from Feb 2022). Where are these games? (I don’t care if they’re free or not). I can only see about 30 games on the app store? Where can I find 3d games that will work with the Lume Pad other than in the stock app?

They were available for free a full year (until January 2023) for the original Lume Pad. Most are still available now, but require payment.

They are not available on Lume Pad 2. Due to the different display architectures, the devices have different SDKs, and games and apps require porting from the original Lume Pad to Lume Pad 2. More games and apps are being added to Lume Pad 2 all the time, but there aren’t that many games yet.

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Got it. Thanks! I don’t mind paying. I think 3D Gaming is one of the things that could be a GREAT selling point. Hopefully the store gets more populated soon!