Leia DisplayConfig, FaceTracking, and MediaService Updated

We’ve updated the Leia DisplayConfig, Leia FaceTracking, and Leia MediaService services on the Leia Appstore.

The new versions are as follows:

• Leia DisplayConfig v0.7.86
• Leia FaceTracking v0.7.79
• Leia MediaService v0.5.22

For those of you wondering what they do, here is some additional info:

Leia DisplayConfig: manages the calibration and control of the Leia 3D display

Leia FaceTracking: manages the service that tracks your face and gives the location to apps

Leia MediaService: holds the shared AI algorithms Leia apps use for 2D to 3D conversion

These updates are overall pretty boring but are required to keep your device’s 3D performance working great. These updates are required for newer Leia apps.