Leia Unreal SDK v0.0.2 released!


  • Added ZDP capability to LeiaCameraComponent with Auto ZDP, ZDP Shear strength and Blueprint callable functions.
  • Adjusted examples to have better default values.
  • LeiaCameraComponent will now search for CameraComponent to set as TargetCamera.
  • Added device specific DOF shader optimizations.
  • Added negative DOF material.
  • Added Transparency effect and threshold debug view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with frustum not being available in builds. Frustum display is now set to false by default on builds.
  • Fixed issue where DOF material does not get added to cameras.
  • Fixed issue where Convergence Offset was being affected by forward position of LeiaCamera.
  • Fixed issue where touch input was not given to debug UI.

Get started now with the SDK now at https://www.leialoft.com/tools or https://developer.leialoft.com/