LeiaCam and marketing opportunity

During a May NYSA Zoom call, Nima said that a big market for the Lume Pad 2 were those who enjoy 3D movies.

Leia just released the Moonlight3D app. It looks like great tech and hopefully will attract even more interest in the Lume Pad 2 by the 3D gaming community.

Another market for Leia to go after is what could be referred to as the “Brian May Instagram” market. Brian May’s instagram account has 3.2M followers. Some of the target group would be those featured in the book “Stereoscopy is Good for You:Life in 3D”. I think this market would be very interested in the Lume Pad 2 as a 3D display AND the ability to use the tablet as a Stereo Camera (the LeiaCam app).

To my point (and more of my feedback to Leia) is that any improvements in the LeiaCam app AND its ability to work together with StereoPhoto Maker and Photoshop would be money well spent. Maybe there are other ways to go after this audience as well. Can the Lume Pad 2 be used to see instagram SBS posts in 3D?

I’d be interested in hearing if Leia has plans in this market/area and any future LeiaCam improvements being considered.



Today is Brian May’s birthday. I bet his birthday wish was for the World’s First 3D Tablet Powered by AI. LOL

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