LeiaChat testing

I’m a loong time member of NSA, and enjoyed my Lume Pad 1 since beginning. I’m enjoying Lume Pad 2, and interested in doing LeiaChat with fellow L2 people. perhaps I can help answer questions. If interested try chat or email me at gtaylor441@yahoo.com. Thx, Greg Taylor, Delmar, NY


I actually chatted with Greg the other day on the Lume Pad 2. He’s a cool dude. Note, he’s a member of the National Stereoscopic Association NOT the No Such Agency, LOL.


If anyone ever wants to LeiaChat with me at the Leia office, I can make time between 1pm and 4pm Tuesdays through Thursdays when I’m at our HQ.

Just DM me and I’ll make it happen! I can also introduce you to the LeiaChat Team.


I’m a big fan, and game. I see that PDT, UTC-7