LeiaPlayer crashes opening high-res MPOs -- what is max res supported?

We are trying to use LeiaPlayer to display high resolution MPOs on Lume Pad. Unfortunately, it crashes while opening the files. What is the maximum resolution images that it supports?

Hi @zwikelVR,

What is the resolution of the images you’re trying to post? Can you share one of the images with us for our team to test?

LeiaPlayer SHOULD be able to support the maximum resolution that the Snapdragon chipset supports, however, remember unlike other apps, we’re decoding two images at times, so take that into account.

In addition, LeiaPlayer only supports 2-view MPOs. 1-view and 3+ view are not supported.

The images are 100 MP. I can share one for testing. Please let me know how to send it. Also, just to clarify, we are not trying to post it, just use the Lume Pad for viewing and zooming in on it.

@Nima Please test the sample MPO at the link below. Thank you

@Nima did this file help?

Yes. For most 3D file types, LeiaPlayer scales a working version down to the maximum texture size that a Snapdragon processor can use (4096x4096 per view), however, it seems as though due to an oversight, MPO does not have this scaling feature.

This is now on the team’s radar thanks to you.

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When does “on the team’s radar” mean it will be fixed?

In a future version. Most likely the one after the one releasing soon.