Lightfield images tips

I’m just looking for some tips for editing Lightfield images. I’m planning to upload good quality images on my Holopix account :slight_smile:

thanks in advance

Make sure you shoot in H4VPro.

After that I edit the pics for color in Photoshop and for depth in the RED Player.

@greg wasn’t there a tutorial?

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Hi @kenlidulibudouchoo,

@alex is correct. You can see here for some tutorials I put together:



One thing I’ve learned is to trust your eye and try to adjust yourself. You’ll start to learn what each value does for you with experience.

When you go and edit the shot in LeiaPlayer, start by adjusting the depth and the focus. Go back and forth between the two until you’re happy with it. Then add bokeh if it makes sense. Finally, go to color options and begin to tweak each of those until your eyes love the color.

Now, as you get more advanced, you may start switching around the order. You may start with color first before worrying about depth, focus, and bokeh. That’s fine too, once you know what’s the most important thing to each image. Some images, the depth is by far the most compelling feature. In others, the image and it’s colors are just incredible, and the depth is just the cherry on top.

Please share with us what you find in your adventures in Lightfield photography!