Lume can't connect to hidden SSID Wi-Fi

So I tried to connect to a Wi-Fi with hidden SSID and the tablet isn’t able to connect. All other of my devices can without any hassle.

@Kano3D Can you tell us more information about the access point (model) and it’s Wifi configuration, e.g. versions of Wifi supported, versions of Wifi activated, and frequencies(2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) supported and activated?

Hidden networks shouldn’t be an issue for Lume Pad.

Huawei Flybox 4G B593s.
WPA2 key. 2,4Ghz

Hey @Kano3D,

Try the following:

Go to

Settings > Network & Internet > Wifi > Add network > Input SSID name > Change hidden network to Yes

Let us know if that works.

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Now I have another problem with other Wi-Fi network, this time is not hidden. If I use 2,4Ghz Lume doesn’t find the SSID on the list, if I add network manually doesn’t connect. If I change wifi settings to be 5Ghz it works, but I need to use 2,4Ghz for some devices, so I can’t use Lume if I want the other devices be online.

Why don’t You Just Setup both 2.4 and 5Ghz If Your Router ist capable of 5Ghz? Should be doable in most Routers. My LumePad hast no Problems with both.

I thought @Kano3D did so, only there’s this part to overcome:

OK, did You try to restart the LumePad after changing your WiFi Setup? By the way I also have 2.4 and 5Ghz running in parallel in my house, works Just fine, and my Router is Not the Best in the World and several Years old, maybe check the Bands that are used by Your neighbours to prevent possible Bandwith Issues.

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I can’t configure that way. Also, I tried using 5Ghz for a while and I get headache the same way if I use big antennas connected to the router.

What do You mean by headache even with big antennas? What Protokoll are You using? Wpa2? Or Something Else? I have my WiFi in wpa2 PSK, maybe try that.

5Ghz and/or big antennas (even at 2,4Ghz) produces headache to my head, and I have some friends that experience the same, I’m not the only one. I can tell you if there’s a big wifi antenna nearby even if is the first time I’m on that place, because that’s the only moments on my life I have headache

That’s unfortunate, maybe You should try an USB-C to rj45 Adapter then and Go wired. In all of my Routers the Signal strength was not enough when used without antennas, that’s probably the Issue. If the Signal ist too low I doubt that any 5ghz Device can Connect stable to that WiFi. Maybe You should do Research and Pick a Router that hast lower emf Ratings and try that?

The signal is enough to arrive with full power outside home. And Lume can’t detect even close to the router.
Fortunately 2.4Ghz with standard antennas doesn’t affect me.

Although this may be going a little off-topic, I feel it’s important to mention:

If you have access to Healthcare, and experience any other symptoms of a neurological nature, it’s definitely worth looking into.
It might be the kind of thing you’d like to find as soon as you can.

Although it’s equally likely to be what’s known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity.
This is certainly a thing, which isn’t fully understood, yet.