Lume pad 2 description

Does Lume Pad 2 play high in games and use dedicated 3d software, like ZBrush Mya blender and more?

Depends on the game. That’s not a standardized descriptor across all games, in means something different in every game.

But yes, many of the most popular games on Lume Pad 2 run at “High” or “Ultra” due to the Snapdragon 888 SOC in the Lume Pad 2.

Those are Windows applications, but Lume Pad 2 uses the Android operating system. Dedicated 3D software for Android should work on Lume Pad 2.

Note, dedicated 3D software for android will not be in stereo unless specificly made for the lume pad.

I’ve used blender SBS in moonlight to view models, but actually working in blender SBS is not very productive.