Major Curated Content Update for LeiaTube

Hey everyone,

LeiaTube has now added over double the total number of curated videos that look great on Lume Pad 2, including 2D content that converts well to 3D, native 3D videos, and VR180/360 videos too.

Most of the added content will be in the Kids, Learning, Nature, Sports, and Travel & Architecture categories. You’ll also find some content added to the Home Feed too.

Take a look and let us know what you think of the content! What you like and especially what you don’t like.

Below are some bonus videos that didn’t make it into LeiaTube but still look great. Give them a try if you’re interested:

We’d also love to check out all of your favorite videos on the internet! Drop links to your favorite content for LeiaTube below! Feel free to drop links to 3D videos you’ve made yourself too!

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