Mix 3D and 2D on screen

Hi I’m new to Leia and my tablet. At one point I saw high-res 2D mixed in a window with 3D on the same screen. How does this work, any limitations?

Hello Mattie,

Welcome to the Lightfield creator community! There are a few ways you can mix 2D and 3D content in Unity.

If you have two cameras with different content, you can explore our Multiple Cameras Example
(Assets / LeiaLoft / Modules / AlphaBlending / Examples / AlphaBlending.unity)
along with our walkthrough documentation here. You can change the baseline on the SceneCamera object from 9 to 0 to create a 2D camera with 3D UI elements.


If you have a 3D tiled image or movie, you integrate that into your scene using our Leia Media example
(Assets / LeiaLoft / Modules / LeiaMedia / Examples / Leia MediaVideoPlayer.unity)
along with our documentation here and here.

Unfortunately, neither will provide a full resolution for your 2D content. If you could provide more details on where you saw this behavior, it would help me assist further.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Joseph
Thanks for your valuable feedback! I’ll try this.

On the desktop, isn’t the foreground full-res, yet the background is Desktop in 3D?

Is it possible to split screen LHS full-res RHS 3D low-res?