NeRF's on Lume Pad 2!

Hey gang!

How’s everyone doing? Have you tried bringing in your NeRF models into LP2? What I do is export as a .glb from on my phone and download from Google drive to LP2. Popped it into LeiaViewer and had a lot of fun.

Just saw @Drew_Medina flex with his in Unity! Nice!

for those new to NeRFs: Neural Radiance Field (NeRF): A Gentle Introduction


Thanks for sharing my post! It’s surprisingly easy to export an obj from and drop into Unity, but beware it contains many textures/texture groups. The mesh needs a proper cleanup, but still runs great as is! I used the included demo scene to build on, since it has a nice GUI for controlling the 3D viewing.
I need to check them out in LeiaViewer soon! Thanks


I also noticed not all the textures and groups make the cross. Its still really fun and they look great. Hoping to get an optimal workflow on this soon!

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