Old Stereo Card Conversion....looking for advice

I’m a long time stereo enthusiast, and part of that is having a rather large collection of old stereo cards mostly from later 1800’s. I was on a quest to convert them to sbs for Oculus, and did a few with photoshop type tools and SPM, which works fine but time consuming. Now I’m thinking, I can scan a card and convert with LeiaPix, and of course view on Lume Pad right away, and still have the sbs for Oculus etc. Maybe the reader has some experience recommendation. I’m guessing that utilizing both images on the stereo card might yield a truer 3D image. Like some, I have the same situation with glass stereo, and like many, too many Realist format stereo slides. I suppose I should do a sampling of each approach with the various formats, and the result will be self evident. And, since I’m here, I’m able to LeiaChat with those interested. Thanks! gtaylor441@yahoo.com

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Hey @Gtaylor441,

I’ve heard a lot of people have success scanning cards, then using StereoPhoto Maker to align them into an SBS for various 3D devices. I’ve heard some people talk about using AI for upscaling, denoiseing, and repairing their old stereocards. I’ve also heard about paid services that’ll do it in bulk for you.

I would probably say just get them to SBS however you can and then open them up in LeiaPlayer. If they look good, share to LeiaPix. If they don’t, try to adjust the 3D values by editing and then upload to LeiaPix.

Good luck!

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You’ll have to pre-process them either way. By scanning or taking photos, and then aligning them in stereo photo maker. I don’t think there is really an easier process on the software side to get a SBS image. However, you might want to invest in a document scanner, rather than a flatbed scanner. This can be quicker than scanning and may make the manual work easier (about 1 second per slide, you can probably fit 3 slides at once).