I’d like to convert a large collection of 19th century stereoviews to something that Leia or the Lume Pad could display in 3D but don’t know the requirements for getting those photos into the _2x1 format needed. I’m sure it’s not as simple as renaming them. Can someone help? Those old photos have very slightly different sizes and aspect ratios, and if I cropped the two pictures out of each stereoview the edges might not be perfectly aligned.


Use the Leia program to convert to 3d video.
You can download it on Leia website under tools

Michael, start with just adding the “_2x1” & see what happens. This isn’t a specific format; it tells LeiaPlayer that this is a stereo image.
You should get best results when the image is even: the two views are centered in their side, not rotated, with equal borders.
Let us know how it turns out - i’ve really enjoyed viewing old stereographs in 3D!

I’d agree with @lichen’s suggestion of adding “_2x1” and seeing how it looks.

If it doesn’t look good, the alignment is probably the issue. I just wrote some scripts to automate this (unfortunately no GUI at this point, but if you’re comfortable with a command line this should work out of the box): GitHub - LeiaInc/LeiaQuilt: Utility for aligning images into a 2x1 or 2x2

This is the technique I used to make the following image from an old stereogram:


If you’re looking for something more user-friendly, I believe StereoPhotomaker will be worth a shot.


Have you had any luck yet? I also have a significant collection to convert. I used SPM for my first one that I posted, a St. Augustine, FL street scene. Perhaps we should communicate off line to refine the technique.