Photography equipment for LP2

This looks like it should work and you maybe able to have a case on.

The LP2 in landscape is the same length as my iPad M1 Pro. It is a couple inches shorter in hight. The mount is adjustable and just may work. Sent a message to the mfg. to make sure. It also is on Amazon.

Took a picture of the LP2 on top of the M1 iPad. It still doesn’t protect all corners if you drop it but if you can mount it with a case on it you should be good. I ordered a $10 folding case with cover. I think I can modify to protect the LP2 better.

I did end up getting

No plastic easly broken down. About half the cost and fits nicely. Using it without a case until I get one.

The aluminum framework on the front should protect if it falls on its back and sides. The tripod arm should protect it from falling on its screen. Still going to mount it with a cover. Plan on having to notch it out and hop it is magnetic with 3 folds in the cover.