Problem starting Lume 2

No matter what sequence of steps I try to make, I end up frozen on the 3D-AI Experiences.

Hey @Tiede3d,

That’s not normal! Please reach out to for support with your issue.

Not sure if it is related, but the first time I tried to setup I also got stuck on the Leia 3D screen. The issue for me was that I had increased the font size earlier in the setup process and Leia had not tested that screen in that situation. I restarted the device and was able to decrease the font size and proceed through setup.

I followed suggestion to change font size (this was also discussed by Leia Support). This fixed the problem. The font size must have originally been set to the largest because I never tried to change until now. I set it to the smallest and now the Lume 2 is working and I have a lot of futher learning to do.