Problem with viewing Sketchfab models

The ones that are on the tablet already look fantastic. But every time I try to download some from Sketchfab site they either miss textures completely, are glitchy or both.

Is that a known issue? Any fixes for this or tips where to find models that work good with Nubia Pad 3D?

I noticed the same problems with some Sketchfab models. I also could not find the method to delete these bad models.

To delete the models from the default viewer you must press and hold for a bit cube icon in the right up corner. A red X will show up that you’ll need to press again to delete the model.

Obviously that works but a more intuitive method like a trashcan on the opened model page would be useful. Also, a large percentage of the sketchfab models do not form correctly, like they would in 2D on my PC, so you might want to work on that algorithm to be more inclusive. Meanwhile, we will just proceed trial-and-error.

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