Replacing my RED Hydrogen

Hello everyone,
My Red Hydrogen smartphone, which is still my daily phone, is unfortunately out of breath. The fingerprint reader no longer works, the screen has light spots, and the battery has almost no more autonomy…
So I will have to replace it.
I did a test recently:
On the one hand, I captured native SBS 3D photos with my Hydrogen.
On the other hand, I isolated the left and right images in Photoshop to make them 2D.
Finally, I converted the 2D images into 3D thanks to Leia Player on my Lume Pad, and I was rather surprised to find that the 3D obtained by conversion seemed more convincing than the original 3D!
It reassured me to see that with the progress of AI, the Hydrogen’s dual camera is no longer really essential…
The question I ask myself is:
In order to obtain the best 3D photo conversions on my Lume Pad, is it better to acquire a smartphone equipped with a TOF sensor (alas I can’t find many…), or do I have the freedom to opt for the smartphone of my choice without focusing on this criterion, but rather on the quality of the photo mode?
Do some devices perform better than others?
Thank you for your response and your advice!

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It depends, but in some cases having LeiaPlayer decode the Apple Depth Maps from Portrait Mode images on iPhone 14 Pro outperforms 2D to 3D conversion because they have a LiDAR sensor. However, that’s only in situations where the LiDAR can reach, so if the subject of the image you’re capturing is too far away, standard 2D will lead to a better 3D image after conversion.


If you took pictures of distant subjects with the RH1 it would be somewhat flat so i can understand why a conversion could appear more impressive sometimes. But you may also be judging the quality based on how it looks on the RH1 screen, which would not show the actual 3D image. It would generate depth and convert to multiview which could really mess things up. If you still have your original RH1 pics and videos i encourage you to watch them again on the Lume Pad 2 or a 3DTV, as you’ll see them in native 3D.

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Merci pour ces précisions Nima. Pour l’instant je n’ai pas le budget pour acheter un iphone 14 Pro. D’après les fuites de Google, il semblerait que le prochain Pixel 8 Pro pourrait également être èquipé d’un capteur Lidar… Nous le saurons en août prochain.
Mais comme j’ai besoin d’un smartphone de suite, je vais faire un choix raisonnable, et je verrai ce que j’arrive à faire avec les conversions sur le Lume Pad.

Merci Jonathan pour ces explications. Quoi qu’il en soit, je conserve précieusement mon RH1, qui me servira occasionnellement d’appareil photo 3D !
Je dois pour l’instant acheter un smartphone en urgence à un prix raisonnable, et ce sera l’occasion pour moi de faire des tests en m’amusant avec les conversions 3D sur le Lume Pad 1. Je n’ai pas assez de budget pour investir dans le nouveau modèle en même temps que dans un smartphone, ce sera pour plus tard, j’espère :wink:

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