Safe charging mode?

I leave the tablet on charge, and after a few days I open to get “Your tablet has entered SAFE CHARGING MODE due to long charging time” (or similiar) and I see I’m at some charge lever way under 100% (today was 72%) What’s up with this??

It’s an automatic battery management system meant to safeguard the long-term health of your battery.

Without it, your device would always remain at 100% when plugged in, but the health would degrade as it’s charging at the same rate it’s using battery.

Instead, it now allows the battery to drain and recharge in an optimal way to preserve the health of the battery’s battery chemistry.

The downside is, sometimes you’ll want to use your tablet and it won’t be at 100%. To resolve this, unplug and replug your tablet about an hour before you need it, it’ll disable the safe charging mode and charge back up to 100%.

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That’s interesting.

You’d think there would be some setting with options.
For instance, my phone has a setting which allows you to set 85% maximum
charge (which I use), but you can set to 100%.
Remembering to unplug and replug is rarely going to happen. Probably
better to power off when it’s at max.


Yeah, I don’t really know what to tell you. That’s just a part of the Android OS, we didn’t build/modify any part of that.

I also question Google’s decisions about stuff like this sometimes. I’m sure they have their reasons though.

That said: I think you might be able to disable this behavior if you turn off all “Power Saving” settings available in Settings.

My phone is also on A12 and I can disable this behavior. Maybe you should have a look if this option can be added.

Also the popup is a nuisance when LeiaFrame is running and I hope you can find a way to disable this.