Spatial Labs Experience Center Questions

Now that Dimenco is a part of the team at Leia, I was wondering if any support for the spatial labs experience center is possible here. It is nearly impossible to get from ACER, and I was wondering how much involvement your team has with the software side of the Spatial Labs Edition Laptop.

The main reason I’m asking now is because the latest update for the experience center caused Spatial Labs Go to stop working. I get an error message that says “please wait a few seconds to several minutes for the 3D conversion mode to finish initializing” whenever I try to convert any fullscreen content (video or photo). I wait and nothing happens. I tried everything I could think of, but the issue doesn’t seem to be one that will resolve without specific technical support or possibly an update to fix it.

When I go into the experience center settings, I can see there have been some improvements to the conversion options that I’d really like to try out, but right now it just won’t work on my laptop (Helios 300 Spatial Labs Edition). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!