Stabilizer or gimball for Lume Pad 2

Anyone found a gimbal that will work well to stabilize video. It seems hard to stabilize in post


Hi @LakeGarda! Moving shots with a tablet can be tricky given the size and weight. That said, I have had success mounting the tablet to a tripod and using a mount and hotshoe.

Here is one that I use by Ulanzi.

Also, keep in mind you can always shoot with your favorite camera or phone and gimbal then convert it to 3D withour AI conversion. :clapper:

Would using the Red Hydrogen phone as a camera work, or would the resolution be an issue once ported over to the Lume Pad 2? I still use my Red Hydrogen as a camera and mount it to a gimbal.


The resolution isn’t an issue. The resolution is fine, but the issue is that the baseline (the distance between the two camera sensors) on the RED Hydrogen One is very low. You won’t experience a lot of depth when viewing content from it on Lume Pad 2, unless you’re doing close-ups or macro video.

If you don’t want to use the Lume Pad 2 as a camera, one camera I can recommend is the Kandao Qoocam EGO. It works great with Lume Pad 2! Just make sure you’re shooting in an area that’s well lit without a lot of shadows or high contrast.

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I couldn’t get it to work on the Zhiyun Crane, the center of gravity is too high and the tablet is too wide.
So l will need to stabilize with software…somehow. any tips?

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Hi @LakeGarda! This might be a good time to start thinking about a different camera if you are using cranes and stabilizers. In a previous life I worked a lot with production teams that could rig just about anything but nothing standard comes to mind for this use case.

As my colleague mentions in this thread, you may want to check out a different capture method and use Lume Pad 2 for playback in 3D.

Good luck and I am rooting for you! Drop a youtube link to any projects you may have! Would love to check out what you’re working on.

Cheers! - Marlon

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Thanks Nima. I see what you mean re: Red Hydrogen as a camera. I viewed the photos I took on that device and the close ups I took of flowers, shrubs and a miniature railroad really pop, but the landscape type (mountains, beaches, etc.) don’t stand out. I’ll look into the camera you recommended.

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That is the reason I shoot 3d with my iPhone 15 pro max and evo rage gimbal. Even then there are editing issues discussed in another thread.