Techniques for capturing distant images?

I want to capture an image of a mountain or a building/structure from a distance. Any techniques?

Focusing is really weird but, might be because of my positioning or my device

I guess you mean in 4V/3D, to get the pop out effect at futher distances, the cameras need to be more apart.
Therefore using a second Hydrogen and taking a 2D image on each is one solution.
The other one I can think of is, to take a 2D pick and then move the phone a little to one side and take another pic. Then use 3D Stereoroid to combine them into one and correct the alignment.

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What @Alex said is the best advice.

You can use any 2D camera to take an image with a large “baseline”, or the distance between the sensors.

Make sure the cameras are aligned at the same height and don’t tilt, roll, or turn between shots.

For objects 50 feet away, you may want a ~1 foot baseline.

For a mountain that’s 1km away, you may want ~1 or ~2 meter baseline.

Try a few different distances and see what looks best!

Once you have those two images, put them next to each other, append “_2x1.jpg” to the end of the filename, and open them in RED Player. Voila, you’ll have a beautiful 4V image!

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You’re correct, but even using two cameras correctly aligned is highly recommended to align the two images with 3D Steroid (mobile) or Stereo Photo Maker (PC).
Notice that if there’s no movement or wind moving vegetation making the 2 images with one single camera is ok.

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