Tesla Phone Idea

After checking into the Tesla phone it would be the perfect successor for the Hydrogen. The specs, style, similar type of customer, all it is missing is a Leia screen. Elon is trying to do something unique to stand out in the stagnant phone market of yearly Iphone and Android yearly releases that all look and feel the same with minimal improvements. If anybody has the ability to break into and shake up the market where even Microsoft failed it’s him.

Since he’s not Bill Gates but an actually approachable guy and has an appetite for new ideas and risks other large players are not he could be a perfect partner for you guys. Your screen, exclusive apps, AI, and tech is right up his alley and would give his phone another feature to further separate it for the typical phone. You would get way more exposure than Hydrogen and it could potentially open the door to having your screens in Tesla cars as well which would be awesome and probably very popular with the type of people who are buying Tesla’s.

I am aware it is too late to get in on the first run of Tesla phones but you guys should find a way to get one of your new tablets and monitors to him so he can see what it can do for himself. I would honestly be more surprised if he wasn’t interested. I know you guys already have a lot on your plate but make this happen so we can all be walking around with 3D Tesla phones a few years from now. Then the last of us Hydrogen holdouts can actually get a new phone that doesn’t feel like a downgrade. Hydrogen is still my favorite phone both feature and design wise. I don’t plan on switching until you guys have a replacement and Hydrogens are getting harder to come by. I made sure to have a backup and convinced my girlfriend and mom (who can barely turn on her computer) to snag Titaniums on Ebay before they sold out so I could confiscate them if needed :slightly_smiling_face:

When At&t discontinued service for Hydrogen we closed our business account that had been in service since bag phones first came out that you put in you car and stuck the antenna on the roof. After reviewing our account they offered us all the most expensive new Samsung phones for free to stay. I would find it sad if the only Leia screen available from here on out is one one of the flimsy and boring mass market phones that decide to slap it on as an excuse to sell people their yearly update. I know you need that market because it will always sell the most but I think the Tesla phone is a better fit for your current and more involved user base.

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About backup Hydrogens… I did basically the same as you :joy: So there are at least two crazy ppl (I suspect more) doing that


Love the idea, I’d pre-order that!


me too