This LeiaTube thing is making me crazy

When I press to share in a YouTube video, the Android sharing list of installed apps appears, the first icon is a copy to clipboard, and then a list of Apps, the first one is the one I use the most (or the second most used after LeiaTube): Telegram, the second App is Tweeter, but LeiaTube NEVER appears on the first line of Apps. Worse, every time appears on totally different position. Look this screenshot:

This time appeared near the end of the list, other times appear the last one (that currently will be not at all visible), so every time I want to watch a video I get crazy looking for the LeiaTube icon’s position. And sometimes I confuse with Firefox Focus icons which have similar colors.
If in the first line appears the most used Apps to share… Why LeiaTube is not included on this “most used apps for share” list?? Position is totally random every time I use the share button.

Hi David:

Sorry about this frustrating issue. Unfortunately, we don’t have control of this this menu. It is completely controlled by the Android OS.

The solution is the more you use LeiaTube, the higher up LeiaTube should show up in this menu, as the Android OS learns from your behavior.

I hope this helps,



Absolutely not, LeiaTube should be already the first on the list because is the most used App to share, the second should be Telegram and Twitter (which are correctly at the top of the list).
I guess there’s something to enable in the Android SDK to allow communicating to the Android OS the number of sharing times to that App.

Also, the position is always random, not related of the number of times I share to LeiaTube.

If you find this feature of the SDK, please let us know. Our engineers don’t believe this is the case.

I found this, I don’t know if is what causes the random position on the share list:

What happens if I don’t migrate to use the Sharing Shortcuts APIs?

On Android 10 (API level 29) and higher, the Android Sharesheet will put higher priority on share targets which are provided via ShortcutManager using the Sharing Shortcuts API. So your published share targets may get buried under other apps’ share targets and potentially never appear when sharing.

Hey @Kano3D,

That API wouldn’t be useful here. That’s the API that’s used in apps like Slack and Twitter where when you share, it shows contacts from those apps that you can share too, e.g. people’s profile picture and name.

You can see it here, the relevant API for top ranking uses “Person” objects.