Tony Hawk's Skate Jam

Hey Everyone! We are excited to announce today that Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam is now available on RLL Explore different parks, unlock new boards and compete in global tournaments to become a legend! The most authentic mobile skateboarding experience refined by Tony Hawk features!


And it’s INSANELY fun with a bluetooth controller!


You made my day. I were going through tutorial perfectly (all perfect at 1st try), but I can’t pass the last part of tutorial, I make too much mistakes with touch controls.


How do you play with bluetooth controller? I can’t, only one controller button is recognised and it opens menu.

@Kano3D When I connect my Moga Pro Power controller, it doesn’t work at all until the game starts. When the game starts though, it’s exactly as I’d expect. Forward on the stick is to pump, left and right work as expected, A button is to ollie, Y is to grind, etc.