Unwanted change in image format when adjusting focus

I’m using LeiaPlayer (nubia pad 3D) to adjust the focus ; original file is SBS image named X_2x1.jpg , size is 7012x1967 weighing 1 Mb …
After focus adjustment the image is saved as X.jpg , size is now 3506x1967 and weighing now … 4 Mb ! Four times the original weight but of course no image quality improvement …
Would it be possible to keep the original parameters ( image type, image size, image weight) ?
Thanks and best regards,

Hi @Philip,

What you describe is normal.

When you edit an SBS, LeiaPlayer creates a new Leia Image Format file in its place. That’s because SBS isn’t a “real” format, so any 3D edits you do will be destructive and permanent, unlike LIF.

So what you’re describing is not a resolution loss, that’s just correctly displaying the single view resolution horizontally for the LIF rather than both views resolution for the SBS.

Thanks Nima !
However I’m somewhat lost … The new Leia Image format file you mention, correctly displays in 3D on the nubia pad, but when I send it to a PC it is recognized as a simple jpeg single image… does it mean that this " new Leia Image format" only works on the Nubia pad ?

Leia Image Format isn’t super new, we created it in 2019 originally for the RED Hydrogen One. It works on RED Hydrogen One, Lume Pad, Lume Pad 2, ZTE Nubia Pad 3D, and available on SR displays on Windows, such as Acer SpatialLabs, through the SR Media Player app.

There are also some 3rd party tools that have added support for it, as well as some tools that can natively open LIF files without express support for the format, such as Photopea.

If you want to export the files for use on other devices, you should export to SBS using LeiaPlayer or the LeiaPix Converter web app.