LeiaPlayer converting W1 images not optimal

I began working on tranferring W1 images to the tablet. I both tried .MPO and SBS following a conversion process and if I ask LeiaPlayer to adjust an image, it always output inferior to the original. I would say less depth and I even saw something wrong with a picture.

Being french it’s hard to explain exactly but I was mostly wondering if anyone else have noticed this? I understand not many here have pics from a W1 but I ask nonetheless!

MPO files will be auto-reconverged. To stop that from happening, use _noreconv at the end of the filename.

SBS is not reconverged and it’s displayed as-is without modifications.

If you have already downloaded the W1 images to a PC, I suggest that you use Stereo Photo Maker (free software) to adjust them and save them as SBS. Then, as Nima said, they will display on the Lume Pad 2 without any further modifications.

Already did, batch converted all the pics. But then when viewing on tablet there are some pictures which require adjustments so I click the pen to adjust then it saves in the LIF format and after the save is done it’s not looking like it did prior to saving.

I’m willing to provide one picture if someone want to test.

The original, and the (right-click to download) SBS version after StereoPhoto Maker + alignment.

It may be hard on the eyes at first. Now try to edit in LeiaPlayer and adjust to your liking then see how it looks just before saving and then immediatly after saving in the proposed LIF format.

If you want total control over your photo’s appearance, you have to avoid editing on the Lume Pad. When you edit an SBS photo on the LP, it changes from SBS to LIF, which is then auto-reconverged when displayed by LeiaPlayer. That’s why it looks different. You have to do all of your editing in Stereo Photo Maker, or else accept the loss of control.

ha ok, I thought the editing on LP2 was to make sure to get the best results if SPM didn’t made it looks best automatically. This mean I will have to do some manual edit on some pictures with SPM after batch converting them all.

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