Upcoming Community Events and Unreal Engine Challange!

Hey gang!

I wanted to share a few upcoming opportunities to join the Leia Community both in person and online! :checkered_flag:

:rocket: First we have an awesome Community Challenge to practice Unreal Engine 5 led by Epic Games Mega Grant winner, Jonathan Winbush and Creative Director of School of Motion, E.J. Hassenfratz!

Participate in this challenge and win fun prizes from Leia, Maxon, and Nvidia!

:point_right: Unreal Engine Challenge with Prizes! | #PugForestChallenge - YouTube

Second, we have a community meetup with our friends at ZeroSpace in Brooklyn, NY!
Join us for an evening of creative conversations, lightening round talks, libations and music!
We’ll have 3D Lightfield demos for you as well!

:date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022
:timer_clock: 7pm - 9pm ET

Click below to register!

Looking forward to seeing you and your creativity!
Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Remember to follow us on Twitter or Instagram for updates as well. @LeiaInc

:handshake: Marlon Fuentes, Social Media and Community Manager