What's up with googleadservices.com?

I usually don’t look at blocked traffic much but recently updated the firmware on my router and I took a look at some stats.

To my surprise the Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D want to talk to googleadservices.com A LOT and when I say A LOT it’s like insanely a lot. I feel the need to ask why is this.

I have never connected a Google account on the tablet.

An adblocker is running on the router for years.

This is a 10 seconds capture: is the tablet

And now compiled stats over a week:

In a house full of IoT devices with 2 young adults the top most blocked domain in 7 days is googleadservices.com with close to 120K queries and in second place gue1-spclient.spotify.com with around 5K queries.

My cellphone is Android and I in the last few hours I could not find a query to this domain, I only found a single query to googleads.g.doubleclick.net which is also blocked.

Not saying 100% of those googleadservices.com queries are from the tablet but most of the queries are from the tablet.

My google is ok on the Nubia Pad 3D

No reason it would not be ok. I was just reporting that there are excessive queries to googleadservices.com and wanted to know why. I have other Android devices that do not behave like this. You need tools to see this traffic.

Now that I have the tablet for more than a month I was able to get 30 days stats and I’m stunned.

There are the Top requested domains on our home router with about over 30 devices connected.

This is just insane to have the 3D tablet query 580 000 times googleadservices.com in 30 days. This is about 19333 queries in a day for every single day. If I didn’t have the tablet, the most requested domain for the last 30 days would have been facebook.com at 67 000. There is clearly some kind of abuse.

And this is with the tablet sitting in the stand/doc doing nothing other than displaying pictures having LeiaFrame running 24hrs a day.

I did investigate a bit if it could be LeiaFrame doing this but no. With the tablet in my hands (thus LeiaFrame obviously not running) I was still seeing all the many queries every minute.

I hope anyone from Lein inc. can explain why is that, and maybe look to lower this a bit?

For now the tablet remain in Plane mode all the time, this is the fix I’ve found.