LeiaLoft does not work without Google Play services

I keep getting this notification pretty much constantly.
Are there any plans to divorce LeiaLoft from Google Play?
It’s pretty much unusable and a nuissance as is…

BTW, if the image quality of the error message strikes anyone as unacceptable, I can only agree.

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I suppose one of the reasons for this dependency may be that LeiaLoft seems to require signing in with Google. So, if I don’t use Google, I’m out of luck? I don’t find that acceptable.

Is this something that will get fixed anytime soon?

I have used mobiles without Play Services, but Google made something and that irritating message started to appear on almost every App you try to use. For my experience, 95% of that Apps will continue working normally even if the message say the opposite. It’s like a desperate way for Google to make so frustrating that user will eventually enable again the Play Services so they can continue spying us.

Things like that makes me hate the company, because they are lying and repeating so insistently that should be illegal.


Well… in my experience some apps work just fine, some don’t.
Unfortunately, LeiaLoft is in the second category, since it requires
one to “Sign in with Google” before anything meaningful happens.

The version of Lume Pad we sell in China does not have Google Play services, and uses an alternate method to sign in to LeiaLoft.

We may eventually bring alternate login methods to international users, but the international version of Lume Pad is tied to Google Play Services as that’s the expectation of the vast majority of our users.

I would prefer to not rely on other services to use a device, so if Lume can be used with any e-mail instead Google account, the better.

I know. I had inquired about this and I was told that
Leia Inc is not authorized to distribute the non-GMS
version outside China for the time being.

Hopefully, that will change.