Wirelessly Share from Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D to MacOS with NearDrop

I found this cool tool that was easy to set up that adds NearbyShare capabilities to your Mac, so you can wirelessly send photos, videos, or any file that supports NearbyShare from your Lume Pad 2 or Nubia Pad 3D wirelessly to your Mac. It’s called NearDrop!

Couple of big caveats:

  1. It’s one way: it can only go from tablet to Mac, not from Mac to tablet.

  2. Unlike standard NearbyShare, it requires both devices to be on the same Wi-fi network

  3. It’s not signed, so it requires you to allow it to run in Settings and turn on Notifications to use it

Besides that, it works great. If your notifications are turned off or silenced, you’ll have to manually bring them up to accept files once you start the transfer from your tablet.

That’s it! Voila:

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I know some of you will ask “Well, what if I have a Windows PC?”

Microsoft has actually worked with Google to make this process even easier. Simply download Windows NearbyShare and give it a try. It should also work bi-directionally too! But it’s still in active development, so there may be bugs.

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Awesome, @Nima!

Community - These are great tips to share! Some of you make amazing videos. Be sure to tag us so we can amplify! :clapper:

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