Announcing Lightfield Animations

Today, the Leia team is proud to announce Holopix’s newest feature, Lightfield Animations!

Simply share a link from a Holopix Post, and you’ll find a beautiful animation generated from your lightfield images that’s viewable on the Holopix website. The vast majority of Holopix Posts are compatible, and over time we plan to bring support to even more.

Here’s a link to a Lightfield Animation for you to check out in case you don’t have your Hydrogen on hand:

This is our gift to you this holiday season. From the Holopix Team, Happy #Holodays. From everyone at Leia, Happy Holidays!


That is fantastic Nima!!!
Helps give an idea to everyone without a Hydrogen!

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I can’t get it to work, I go to Holopix, I choose a good image, I tell him to share by email and then when I open the link he sends me to Holopix and nothing else.

When you open the link on a Hydrogen, it will open it in Holopix but when you send the link to someone who has no Hydrogen, it will open the animation in the browser.

Alternatively, you could change the setting in Settings - Apps & notifications - Advanced - Default apps and buttons - Opening links - Holopix - Open supported links and set this to Ask every time or Don’t open in this app.


@hispano2k5 If you open the link on Hydrogen, it should open in Holopix because viewing the lightfield version of the image in the app is the best way to see it.

If you open it on any other device, it will show you the Lightfield Animation, because that gives people with 2D screens a decent approximation of the experience.

If you want to view it on Hydrogen, however, you could just copy the link directly into Chrome. That should open it in Chrome and not launch Holopix.