Anyone did batch convert their .MPO?

I have a ton of MPO to convert because LeiaFrame still don’t read that format. Was wondering if anyone made a receipe with StereoPhoto Maker Pro along with all the good options to select.

I guess it’s File/Multi Job/Multi Conversion

Enable Auto Alignment and maybe select only the firsts 2 options?


Then do we save as .JPG or .JPS?
And do we need to append _2x1?

Have you aligned the .MPO files already? If so, no need to autoalign them. If you are taking the images right from a Fuji W3 for example, and have not aligned them, you want to deselect “Only horizontal and vertical alignment” option.

I’m not sure if there is an optimal alignment choice in the list that is best for LP2 viewing.

If you want to only save as SBS, just deselect the “Auto Alignment” option. That will preserve any alignment you had done int he past before saving as .MPO. Also, select “Multi job”, as that will use two processors and be twice as fast. Then do File>Multi Job>Multi file rename and add the _2x1.

I think each stereo camera have its own micro alignment issue and this alignment could help to correct minor issues with pairs.

Also StereoPhoto Maker wrote on his website “For highest image quality, you can set 'Only horizontal and vertical alignment’in Edit/Preferences/Adjustment.

Multi Job does not that, it’s just a submenu for many menu options that do batch processing. The File menu had become too long that the author simply merged all the batch tools under a new submenu called Multi-Job.

Yes- this is the purpose of the Autoalign function. You are saying “because MPOs do not work on LP2, you need to autoalign.” You should always align the images after shooting them, and before presenting them, regardless of the end format (MPO, SBS, JPS, etc).

I believe the “Only set horizontal and vertical…” is based on your camera rig. If it is something like the W1 or W3 with reasonable accuracy, you may not need to rotate etc. If it is a cha-cha, I would not select that option. YMMV.

I was referring to the selectable “Multi Job” option in the Multi Conversion screen.

We are lucky there are so many options available for potential confusion, rather than no options at all! :wink:

Ha right, the description of that checkbox is on that page: File/Multi Conversion

The author could have used another word to avoid confusion, maybe ‘Multi-process’?

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Although, that function predates the entire “Multi Job” section on the File menu, so maybe the selection box actually gets precedence for the term! :slight_smile:

I love SPM so much. Always new treasures to find! BTW, there is a slight bug to watch out for with that multi job selection. If you have autaligned previously and saved the previous report files, the dialog for the second job can get swallowed up behind the screen. Need to be sure both dialogs are clicked, or one half of the job will be paused waiting for a keystroke. Hope that makes sense.