Citra 3DS for Lume Pad 2

Ok.I will send you an email

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Hi Jake, the new APK doesn’t work for me either. I took the liberty of e-mailing you my logs. I’ve reverted back to the V1 APK which still functions normally. I hope our files allow you to pinpoint any issues. Thanks!

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@marimori79 @RetroFuture – got the logs

will look into this today

in the meantime, @RetroFuture did you try Nima’s tip about changing the stereoscopic mode? i accidentally published with bad default values and it’s required to change the setting to jog it

@marimori79 @RetroFuture a new build has been released
you may need to fully uninstall the previous version first
(be sure to back up any saves you want to keep!)

please lmk what you come up with! Release v2024_01_25 · jakedowns/citra · GitHub

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Superb work Jake, the new version functions perfectly and is a major improvement over V1. Thank you for your hard work.


awesome! glad to hear it! stay tuned, hopefully more enhancements coming soon! i’ve been talking to the CitraVR and mainline Citra devs about ways to improve shader compilation performance / caching to reduce stuttering with the emulator, specifically with Vulkan renderer

as well as ways to use LP2’s unique head-tracking to potentially add more of a “magic window” effect

and yeah, super glad to see how much citra has evolved just in the few months since i published v1, they’re doin the real hard work! i’m just gluing some APIs together :smiley: :joy: (and bugging the right people when it doesn’t work how i expect lol)

hopefully i, or someone, can finally get around to doing dolphin and ppsspp :slight_smile:


Yes.New version is much,much better.Even the touch on second screen is better.Thanks a lot​:smiley::+1:

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I created an account just to say thank you!!! the new version works way better than v1, i can play most games at 2x with pretty smooth frame rates ( minor shader compilation freezes i think )
Thank You again!

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HI Jake, first time trying the Citra app on Lume Pad 2 and I am loving it. Thanks for all your work. I play using one screen but when I go swap to the second screen, it shows a double screen. I have to go back to the graphic settings under stereoscoptic mode and change side-by-side to off and then back to side-by-side again to restore it back to a normal.

For some reason the second screen doesn’t function correctly when trying to tap on it for me. It still registers that the screens are still side by side. Is there a way to fix that?

Hello! Would it be possible to have a link to download citra 3ds emulator that would be compatible for Red hydrogen one ?
I just bought it but there is no more leia store.
It would be nice if someone could help me!
Thank you so much!

finally I managed to find the right citra 3ds version for my new purchase; Red hydrogen one. the games work perfectly in decrypted .3ds! I’m super happy, thank you NIMA for the links; final builds red hydrogen one.
it will be a mini version of my lumepad 2, more practical for taking pictures, videos in 3d etc…