Depth Question (Camera/Sensor)

Does the Lumepad 2 have a time of flight sensor or project an IR pattern for depth while recording? I see a small thumbnail showing depth on the device. Is that a realtime stereo disparity solve or from something else?

Can the LumePad2 save videos with depth? Or does it save SBS?

There’s a real need in the market for RGBD consumer devices, but the only battery operated one in use seems to be the iPhone.


Lume Pad 2 doesn’t have a ToF or LiDAR sensor. Just stereoscopic 3D cameras on the front and back. The depth preview in LeiaCam is real-time depth estimation.

LIF files can have multiple embedded files, including each independent stereo view as well as a depth or disparity map.

Also, Lume Pad 2 can decode Apple Portrait Depth images if you capture them on iPhone or iPad, and they actually look really good (much better than 2D conversions, but not as good as native 3D) so that’s something worth trying.