How good is Holopix?

How good is Holopix in your opinion?

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thanks in advance

As the sole H4V social media app, I think everyone will agree that there’s no contest!
It’s very good!!!
@Nima and the Holopix team have done and are doing an amazing work with the app!!!


Thanks @greg, you’re too kind!

@kenlidulibudouchoo I think Holopix is in many measurable ways better than Instagram and VSCO, but in more concrete terms, there’s one large difference between us and them that makes the Holopix experience great: we’re always adding large features. We have a roadmap of awesome updates and features in 2020 that are sure to knock your socks off and blow the competition away. If you ever have any feedback, please let us know. The Holopix team is always listening, and we’re here to make your 4V experience amazing.


I will suggest something I know is difficult: integration with Phereo stereoscopic community that already have tens of thousands of stereoscopic pictures (I will even pay more than my Phereo pro account). Of course Phereo users will see only the raw captured pair of H4V pictures without calculations of other views

It’s not difficult at all @Kano3D.

The problem is that Phereo isn’t a company anymore, so any collaboration is virtually impossible. The website and services are being maintained by a few former employees who are volunteering to keep it up.

But it’s easy to contact them and see possibilities. Also they could collect money (donations) for hiring a programmer

I have @Kano3D, that’s how I got the above info. We’re always a few steps ahead of you guys when it comes to stuff like this :wink: