K|Lens One compatibility with Lume Pad

The rather strangely named 'K|Lens One ’ light field lens Kickstarter
(3 days left)
has some description of what they hope to achieve - it seems to be similar to the older Lytro lightfield cameras - with the ability to capture nine different images & a depthmap from the one lens.

It mentions, in passing, ability for its images to be displayed on devices which have lightfield technology, name-checking Lume Pad (as well as others). But I don’t see that is has the ability to capture the 4 different horizontal views that would be best for the Lume Pad. So, is it’s ability to interface with Lume Pad just that there will be two views that could be treated as a steroscopic input, or can its (single?) depth-map assist as well?

Has Lume Pad discussed formats the K|Lens?
Anyone have ideas on how to use its probable outputs?
and most importantly, how do you pronounce ‘|’ ?

P.S. it’s at least $2000 .

I have read the Paper a few Years ago it was originally Developed in a German University and at that time the Project name was KaleidoCam from Kaleidoskop because of the Beamsplitter Optics that are used inside the Lens.
The cool thing of this capture Divice and its nine Views is that you also get Views above and below the middle View, the Bad thing ist that the Distance of the viewports ist pretty small in general because of the small Surface Area of the Lens, but we will see how the test Images Turn out.
However, the Image Processing should be mouch simpler than with a lytro for example since You don’t need to compute the Viewports first to add Super Resolution for example, which should lead to a better overall Resolution since the source ist pretty high res if You compare them one to one.
This depends in the DSLR used of Course

We are in talks with K-Lens.

They do indeed have clear output capability from the lens to Lume Pad.

It takes the 9 views from their lens, but then computes a depth map in their software and plugins. That depth map can then be computed into arbitrary configurations for various products, including Lume Pad.

I haven’t gotten a chance to play with one yet but based on the output I’ve seen I’m VERY excited!


Sounds awesome, I am excited to See the first Samples.

Kind of a very old idea.


Sadly this innovative Kickstarter has been cancelled.

I Bet a Big Player bought the IP and it will never be released, sad Day.

That’s so sad, would have been an awesome tool to have as a photographer. I usually paint depth maps in Photoshop. This would have been a time saver.