LeiaPix 2.2 now available! Presenting: LeiaPix Prints

no problem, thanks for showing the effect


Thank you Stuart. That is what I needed to learn it’s not like the old pictures but something I haven’t seen before. Enough for me to make a decision to purchase when available.

Thanks again.


Now we have to wait until we can use the service on other countries of the world


I agree with this comment. A lot of LeiaPix users don’t post pics of themselves or family and many people who only take pictures and are not interested in sharing them will not even notice the new print feature.

This should be added to LeiaPlayer and have a notification box pop up announcing the new feature to make more users aware and sell more prints.

Would it be possible to also add bulk discounts and the option of ordering prints already framed at additional cost? There is potential to sell these as art, posters, etc. and discounts and frames would make this easier.

Adding to previous idea of bulk discounts, it would be nice to have bulk pricing for people who order several different prints in the same order but when someone orders several of the same print give the option to receive a test print before the rest of the order with additional shipping cost. If the customer cancels the additional prints they will be charged full price. This could be done through an automated email so it doesn’t require extra resources.

This might be another advantage to adding the print feature to LeiaPlayer. It would allow people to order prints that might not be appropriate to share publicly. I’m sure their is a demand for this and it would free you from the extra trouble of having to deal with it everytime somebody prints their dirty pics :laughing:

I created a poll for this idea.

If you don’t want to wait for the print feature to release in your country it might be possible to use a VPN to access the US version of the LeiaPix app and order your prints to a US FedEx/UPS store then forward it to your country.

Useful little trick I have used to access region locked online markets and play region locked games/movies.

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If I don’t have physical address at US how can I make an order? Fedex/UPS stores should be warned that will receive an order?


I have version 2.2.15638
Is this the latest version? Because my zip code of 03042 is getting the same error.

Any estimated time to the service be available in other regions?


@Kano3D Because we’re focusing on the Lume Pad updates you asked about in the other thread, rolling out LeiaPix Prints internationally is going to take a bit longer. But the good news is the Leia team is growing! Hopefully within 2021 development and releases will accelerate in a big way.


Waiting also for international shipping

Would be pretty cool to have that Service available in Europe, Having a great time with my Lume Pad, so I’ll be busy looking all the great Content on LeiaPix until then, even though it would be great to send some Prints out to Family and Friends.
Keep up the Great work! :+1:

Are there any updates yet on ordering prints? It still tells me that my address is invalid.

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How can I order a print?

Not able to order prints do not give me an option when open a picture on leiapix

Trying going to your profile page in LeiaPix. You should see a printer icon to the left of the settings icon in the upper righthand corner. Tap the printer icon and another screen will display with an Add Photo button.

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Thank you done very helpful

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It looks like there may be an issue with address validation when a ZIP code has multiple cities.

I put in my ZIP code (15317), but LeiaPix won’t accept McMurray as a valid city. It does accept Canonsburg (the other city using this ZIP code), though.

Thanks for flagging @Marc, the team is looking into it on the latest version of LeiaPix.

We did have an issue exactly like this a couple of version back, so please make sure that you’re on the latest version.

I believe so. I’m running 2.2.16398.