LightfieldStudio only outputs empty folders

Whenever I try to convert a sbs-3d video with LightfieldStudio (beta v1.2 for windows) it just outputs an empty “_views” folder

Why can’t I just copy a sbs 3d video to the lumepad and have the lumepad automatically detect sbs-3d files?

Hi @DustBuff,

You can! Simply append the end of the filename of the SBS video as “_2x1.mp4”.

We’re working on a method that may make this even easier and not require the renaming step.

We’d still like to help you with your issue with Lightfield Studio though. Does the conversion appear to complete in the app, and you don’t see a converted video and still see an empty folder?

I don’t think the conversion even finishes. It probably crashes somewhere in the process.

The _2x1.mp4 works but it squishes the image into a square aspect ratio

@DustBuff Couple of things:

  1. Make sure you’re using the newest version of LeiaPlayer in LeiaLoft

  2. Is the video you’re trying to play half-width SBS? If so, you need to have “_half_2x1.mp4” at the end of the filename.

If your video is supposed to be full width then you might try changing the filename to end with _full_2x1.mp4.

Adding “_half” fixed it thanks!

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@Stuart_Fujitani With the new version, it’s assumed that it’s full width in all cases unless expressly noted otherwise with “_half”.

I didn’t know that that had changed. Good to know.