LP2 In Canada

So, I was reading another thread, and I noticed that it was mentioned that service and warranty only supported in USA? But what about us Canadians?
ZTE doesn’t cover us, and only way to purchase it was through B&H or Amazon.

Does warranty work need to be with B&H or am I SOL?

ZTE owns the license to sell the product internationally outside the USA. Either they support Canada, or the product isn’t supported in Canada.

Either way, I got Leia version, and not ZTE - I like and prefer the Leia LumePad logo in the back :stuck_out_tongue:

So what you are saying @Nima, is that I have no warranty coverage and it’s best for me to get extended warranty. Unless I use my extended family US address? :thinking:

Did I understand that correctly?

All I’m saying is that we don’t support the product or provide a warranty outside the USA. The warranty for Lume Pad 2 is valid within the USA, but we won’t ship to and from a foreign address for warranty replacement.

Understood :saluting_face: