Lume Pad 1 still getting some pictures not loading

Still the same problem on the Lumepad 1 some pictures will not load, you get the preview picture, but the main picture will not load, this had been happening for a long time, any update please

I could be wrong, but I believe there are no further updates to Lime Pad 1, no?

There are no guaranteed app updates, but we reserve the right to do so if we choose.

In addition, some of the issues for the original Lume Pad don’t require an app update, they require a backend server update.

The issue listed above is a known issue that requires us to update the content in the server once a week. So in theory, all older pictures should be fixed on older devices every week. It’s not reasonable for us to run it more often than that.

It’s definitely okay for users to continue posting issues they’re experiencing on the original Lume Pad or RED Hydrogen One on the Lightfield Legacy category, as long as they understand we most likely will not update or fix content on older unsupported platforms.


Would it be possible to automate the process on the server, then the problem may go away

It is automated.

To day 7 pictures it would not load on the Lumepad 1, they were uploaded by Don Fickles

Still getting pictures not loading on Lumepad 1 please can this problem be corrected

To day still getting some pictures not loading in the Lumepad 1 please can this problem be resolved